Soul Growth Reiki Package 3/30 Min $300

Soul Growth Reiki Package 3/30 Min $300

Book During Hana’s Hours

Book 1st session now and pay after 1st session. We’ll book the remaining 2 two sessions together.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. Using gentle touch, this technique promotes relaxation and helps reduce anxiety and stress. Reiki helps you restore balance and flow. 

Crystals help bring balance to your life. Each specific crystal has their own specific qualities that tap into your natural healing energy assisting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

You've been doing the work, now let’s focus on ascension.

Your booking will determine your Practitioner.

Monday-8:00-5:00pm- 8:00-2:00pm Cora May -2:00pm-5:00 Hana

Tuesday-Friday-8:00-5:00pm Hana

Thursday-Friday-5:00pm-9:00pm Cora May

Saturday-9:00-5:00pn Cora May

Sunday-10:00-5:00pmCora May

Book your session by using the calendar below


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