Founder of Moon flower Reiki, Spiritual Guide and Healer.

Hana's Story

Hana is a Reiki Master Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, Founder & President of Moon Flower Reiki and a Published Author.

With a deep passion for healing and spiritual practices, Hana has dedicated herself to cultivating a space of tranquility and energy restoration. Hana’s unwavering commitment to helping others discover their inner balance and well-being has made Moon Flower Reiki a beacon of light in the realm of holistic healing.

Before founding Moon Flower Reiki, Hana has enjoyed a successful award winning 20 year career in the luxury fashion industry. Her exceptional leadership and communication skills mentored a variety of strong teams on a global scale. Hana’s authentic desire to nurture the spirit in her employees fostered a holistic workplace environment that led to outstanding performance.