Reiki Courses

Our Reiki course offers a transformative journey towards holistic well-being, providing comprehensive teachings that empower individuals to harness the ancient healing energy of Reiki for self-healing and aiding others. Guided by Hana, our course not only imparts the profound principles of Reiki but also equips you with practical skills to promote balance, relaxation, and vitality in your own and others' lives.

Learn to heal the Self

Reiki Level 1

– What is Reiki and Reiki healing
– Reiki history and current training practices
– How to pass Reiki
– Healing technique and practice
– Traditional Japanese techniques
Learn to Heal Others

Reiki Level 2

– Review of level 1
– Understanding symbols and mantras
​- Meaning and use of each symbol
– More traditional Japanese techniques
– Distance healing technique and practice
Learn to be the Reiki

Reiki Level 3

– Review levels 1 and 2
– Learn the fourth symbol and mantra
– 3 steps to growth in traditional style
– Use Reiki principles for everyday life
– Path to attaining peace of mind

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