Moon phase- So A Blog!?

Who am I ? Why do I do this? What’s in it for you?

It’s wild when thinking of writing your very first blog post that you instantly are full and empty of thoughts at the very same time.

I then realize I can only be me. That I have been blogging out loud to people my whole life. Sharing best practices to shine a light on how we as a collective can do better and be better.

Collective- This term has been the most important one for me for the past year. The year before that I don’t believe I ever used the term at all.

I’m doing what I’m doing for the collective.


Opening Moon Flower Reiki was an important step in helping the collective. Every interaction I have with someone is an opportunity to help them which in turn helps their family, friends, community and therefore raises the positive energy and vibration of the collective.

Collectively, we can impact positive change. It starts within and then we are able to give back.

So why Reiki, why Crystals?
Simple, help yourself, help others.

Forever phasing,