You Are The Light- 21 Days To Your New Life Habit

You Are The Light- 21 Days To Your New Life Habit

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About the Book

If you feel like your light has been a bit dim lately, and the tunnel ahead of you is dark, then you may have been considering embarking on a mental wellness journey. But where do you start? The world of mental wellness may seem just as overwhelming as your everyday stress, but this book is designed to be the perfect, simple introduction to taking care of your mental well-being. Over the course of 21 days, you will follow 21 comprehensive exercises that will allow you to clear out external noise and focus on your inner world.


About the Author

Hana is a Reiki practitioner and founder of Moon Flower Reiki in Toronto, Canada. During the 2020 pandemic, self healing became a North Star for Hana, and her spiritual journey led her to reiki. Trained in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, Hana assists her clients around the world in emotional and physical healing and well being. Hana is mother to two beautiful children.

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Hana’s authentic desire to nurture the spirit in her employees fostered a holistic workplace environment that led to outstanding performance.

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