Hamsa Enamel and Crystal Necklace Double Sided Amulet

Hamsa Enamel and Crystal Necklace Double Sided Amulet

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Protection, Luck, Goodfortune, Health. The Amulet Collection mixed with our Forcate Enamel Techniques. This is a Double side 4 D amulet. It is wax molded, engraved, hand drilled and Hand set. The whole piece is clear foil crystals. Real Gold 14K over stainless steel. Made to last. Anti Tarnish. Steel Chain and Clasp. 18" Pink opac enamel over gold. We plate it then enamel for the luminous seamlessness from side one to side two. This will connect with your skin and your third eye. Enamel is 2levels of Green Symbolic of wealth and health


• Made in Canada

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